Refuse to lose is the book that will show you how you can, build resilience, strengthen your mental resolve, and successfully overcome the emotional trials and tribulations that affect us all in our everyday lives. An inspiring, motivational book packed with credible and applicable advice. But more importantly Refuse to Lose is authored by a woman who has personally lived through and successfully survived a plethora of life’s problems, from an alcoholic parent, parental spilt, sexual assault, infertility, marriage betrayal, failure in business, endurance through twenty seven operations to battle endometriosis, anxiety and an addiction to pharmaceutical drugs, Sonia Williams has one hell of a tail to tell. Her advice backed by scientific and psychological studies, is refreshingly straight forward.

But the biggest reason why you should put Refuse to Lose on your reading list today, Sonia Williams is just like you! An everyday person, with a family, living in the suburbs, she is real and relatable. Unlike self-help books authored by famous athletics, retired military personnel, celebrities whose achievements seem disproportionate to our own, Sonia is no different to you or me. Sonia represents 90 % of the mainstream population, which is why the advice in her book is real and relatable to your life. Having survived some of the hardest emotional and physical upheavals in life, Sonia has firsthand experience that you can benefit from. Her unique, refreshing, and honest way of looking at life will fundamentally change the way you think of yourself, and your day to day actions.

Refuse to lose will make you take inventory of your life and give you the spark, and belief to seek out challenges and become more than you thought you’d ever be.